Behold the Sparkling Taco!!!

Behold the Sparkling Taco!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

History of a taco!

!LocoTaco3! (a.k.a. ELIZABETH)

The taco. One of the greatest inventions ever to be created on this planet. Except for humans. Humans need to be alive to eat the tacos, but that's not the point. Tacos were made from rainbows, stars, glitter, smiles, happiness and a cow. They can have crispy, crunchy shells or soft, delicate shells. The taco originated in heaven and in the year 00000000001 they came to be on our planet. They came originally disguised as rocks before finally developing into the modern version that is available for purchase at such places as Taco Bell. I hope that you have enjoyed this brief history on... the taco. Thank you.

P.S. It's a cat in a taco costume!!

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