Behold the Sparkling Taco!!!

Behold the Sparkling Taco!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


HEy! It's locotaco2 (alli- I don't know why we even bother to have nicknames when we put our real names anyway...)! I didn't have a good title, hence the ? marks... Yay! I'm so excited! Though I am a little creeped out by Justin Bieber pictures posted EVERYWHERE! I can't stand him! He is so WEIRD! Anyway, I don't know what else to put so... laalala hahaha!:) Long live the taco!


peace, love, tacos (for lack of a funnier quote)

P.S. Did I mention I hate Justin Bieber?


  1. lol nice alli . . . i saw this post and i was like ???? when did i post something called ????

    u really freaked me out for a second there :O

    oh and justin bieber's pics are everywhere because he is our official sponsor duuuh!!!


    P.S. Did I mention I loooove Justin Bieber?

  2. P.S.S. haha! i didn't put my name that time so there!!!

  3. LocoTaco3 (Elizabeth)May 12, 2010 at 8:36 PM

    We will delete your comment if you fail to meet the required membership guidelines. This includes being kind to Justin Bieber. Have a good day, NOT! lol im just kidding (about that part at least ha ha!)

  4. Justin Bieber looks like 5 year old!

  5. Katie Ann Valentine. Must we remind you yet again of the guidelines? If you refuse to fallow them it will result in banishment from the website. OOOOHH i scared you now, hunh?? ha ha! ;)

    LocoTaco3... um i mean TheLocoTaco Management