Behold the Sparkling Taco!!!

Behold the Sparkling Taco!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Breaking Dawn

Summit Entertainment recently announced that the final chapter of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, will be filmed as two separate movies. To see more information on this decision and to see six new clips from Eclipse, visit the website below. What do you think about this decision to split the movie? Are you excited for Eclipse?


Sunday, May 30, 2010


Happy summer to all from the Loco Taco Blog! What are your plans for summer? How does it feel to be a freshman in HIGH SCHOOL?! Do you have fears of being the youngest in the school again? Do you think there is a chance that you could be shoved in a locker? What if the tacos at lunch are just as bad as in middle school?? Blog about it!

LocoTaco3 in da house =)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hilarious Video!!!

check this out XD

scroll down to the video . . . and watch Bieber fail

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

HUGE head!!

It looks like Selena Gomez has a HUMONGOUS head in this picture!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Greyson Chance

Check this out in case you haven't heard it already! Greyson Chance sings the song Paparazzi by Lady Gaga in this video (at the bottom of the page when you follow the link). Not a huge fan of Lady Gaga (she's WEIRD!!) but he sings the song well. This guy is really good, although not quite as good as Justin Bieber! Lol.

P.S. If you have already seen this video, you will be happy to know that Greyson was signed to a record company because of his performance!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


It's sooooo cute :D



NO JUSTIN! Don't even go there!!

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber were spotted going out to dinner recently! Here is the article:

"Calm yourself Bieber fans! They’re just friends. During an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," JBiebs insisted he was "just hanging out" with his fellow teen star after the two of them were snapped on their way to dinner at Ari-Ya at the Beverly Center in LA on Monday night. "Like, I'm dating around, hanging out with girls, but not really dating," the 16-year-old told DeGeneres."

Well, Justin is too smart to make THAT mistake. Doesn't Miley already have a boyfriend anyways?? Wonder what HE thinks of this?! GRR
-LocoTaco3 (E)

Elizabeth Embraces the Glitter Snow!!!

~LocoTaco1 :D

Friday, May 14, 2010

Did you notice the new changes???

Well there's a new page now :O and a virtual cat!!!

Turn on your sound because the kitty purrs and meows :D

News Page

There's a brand new feature on the Loco Taco blog!!!

Want to access this amazing feature!?!?

Here's How:

Look for the title on the right hand side of the page that says "Pages".

You should see two links: Home and The Daily Taco News

Click on the second link and check out the brand new feature now!!!

Once you've looked at the BRAND NEW page, come back here and post your feedback.

Enjoy :)


"Gullible" Quiz answers . . .

1. True
2. True
3. False
4. True
5. False
6. True
7. True

And the highest scores were (drumroll please) . . .

Riley M. and Lauren S.


U win . . .

absolutely nothing :D

thanks for everyone else who took the quiz (and failed)

~ LocoTaco1 :)

Justin Bieber's trip to Six Flags!

I love justin AND tacos!
LocoTaco3- Elizabeth!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


If you take your age and multiply it by 7, then multiply it by 1,443 the product repeats your age 3 times! How do I know this: I am an evil genius.


Ya. I would be scared too. This is scarier than a moldy taco!


Are You as Gullible as Katie Valentine?

Answer the following questions "True" or "False" in the comments section. The answers will be posted this weekend so check back and see how gullible you really are.

Note: not all questions are false . . . or are they ;)

1. President Kennedy was the fastest random speaker in the world with upwards of 350 words per minute.

2. The most common name in the world is Mohammed.

3. If you get hit hard enough on your elbow, you can pass out.

4. The most money ever paid for a cow in an auction was $1.3 million.

5. Cats were so revered in ancient Egyptian society, that a cat named Heostophus was the pharaoh for almost ten years.

6. The Main Library at Indiana University sinks over an inch every year because when it was built, engineers
failed to take into account the weight of all the books that would occupy the building.

7. The international telephone dialing code for Antarctica is 672.

Post your answers in the comments and keep checking back to discover "Are You as Gullible as Katie Valentine?"

Results show that Katie's score was a REMARKABLE 5 out of 7 . . .

Kathryn Hilger's score was a VERY IMPRESSIVE 2 out of 7 . . . fail!!!

Elizabeth Triplett scored a 1 out 7 . . .  EPIC FAIL!!!

Riley Manning is in the lead with a 6 out of 7!!! AWESOME!!!

Allison Logsdon scored a 5 out of 7!!! good job :D

Meg Britton-Mehlisch (spelling?) scores a 4 out of 7!!! average job meg . . .

Lauren Steele is tied for the lead with Riley with a score of 6 out of 7!!! The competition heats up :O

Answers up this weekend :D

Sieze the day! Or not...

It is perfectly normal to feel a sudden urge to not do something. If you are bored and don't know what to do with yourself: eat a taco. If that is not your "thang" then you can just go make a taco instead. Or buy a taco. Whatever you want to do. If you do not feel like doing any of those things then blog about tacos. Like I am. In Language Arts. Tacos are not available right now, so the other possibilities are out of the question. With that said; goodbye. TACOS!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why? Your questions: answered!

This is the reason why Justin Bieber uses this hand gesture! And the little person likes tacos too!
-Your Truly!   LocoTaco3! (in case you don't know, still Elizabeth)

Instructions on how to comment

First click on a blog post.

Then click where it says # of comments (ex 0 comments, 1 comment, etc.)

Click the Leave a Comment button (or sometimes there will just be a text box already there).

Type your comment.

When prompted to choose a profile name, select Name/URL.

Type your first name (or whatever thing you want to use: BieberLady, TacosRule81982, whatever).

Don't worry about the URL portion (unless you have your own website you want us to check out).

Click to comment.

If you have one of the other accounts (Google, MSN, etc) feel free to login with that. Otherwise just follow the steps above and have fun!!!

And remember to COMMENT, comment,  comment on every post!!!

~TheLocoTacoBlog management

Justin Bieber is a VAMPIRE!?!?!?

lol just kidding . . . i made this myself :D


Can You Say H-O-T-T ???

oh my taylor lautner!!! comment if u find this seeeexy!!!

Another funny pic (sorry I couldn't resist)

bwhahahah 'nuff said

~locotaco1 :D

Funny Picture of the Day!!!

LOL this is so random . . . :D

P.S. if you have read El Bieber Especial yet . . . GO NOW!!!! 

~LocoTaco1 (Olivia)


HEy! It's locotaco2 (alli- I don't know why we even bother to have nicknames when we put our real names anyway...)! I didn't have a good title, hence the ? marks... Yay! I'm so excited! Though I am a little creeped out by Justin Bieber pictures posted EVERYWHERE! I can't stand him! He is so WEIRD! Anyway, I don't know what else to put so... laalala hahaha!:) Long live the taco!


peace, love, tacos (for lack of a funnier quote)

P.S. Did I mention I hate Justin Bieber?

El Bieber Especial (ch. 1)

Alright so this is a Justin Bieber love story about a Mexican restaurant :] sounds crazy, I know, but just read it. written by LocoTaco1 (Olivia) . . . enjoy :D

(Carmen's POV- point of view)

I wove through my family's crowded restaurant, my colorful cotton skirt swishing back and forth. I carried a plate of my abuela's famous enchiladas in one hand and an order of refried beans in the other. I ducked under a pi├▒ata hanging from the ceiling and made my way towards the table I needed to serve. Just as I arrived at the table, I was interrupted by a loud voice, "Waitress!"

I cringed. What person could possibly be that rude? I placed the meal I was carrying in front of the customer, a large, burly man with a black mustache, and whirled around to face whoever was yelling at me.

"Waitress!" the voice said again, this time much louder (if that was even possible).

I scanned the tables and booths for whoever was yelling . . . and then I saw him. He was a teenage boy about my age with blondish brown hair that was swept across his forehead. Something about him seemed familiar, but I couldn't put a finger on it. I started making my way towards him and saw that he was with a couple of his friends. They were crammed into a small booth and laughing like crazy, probably at the disgusted face I was making. I stopped in front of the table and put a hand on my hip.
"How may I help you?" I said, harshly.

"Ooh, a feisty one," one of them said. They all cracked up and started patting the "jokester" on the back.

"C'mon guys, leave her alone," the one with the bangs said. I glared at him. Wasn't he the one bothering me in the first place?

"How may I help you?" I repeated, losing patience.

"How 'bout your number?" a stocky brunette asked me. The others high-fived him- well except for "Bangs". He just sank farther down in the booth, like he was embarrassed or something.  What's up with this guy? I thought to myself. One second he's being totally rude, and now he wants nothing to do with it? 

I rolled my eyes and ignored the brunette's request. "I'm Carmen," I said, "And I'll be your server tonight. What can I get you?" I took a pad and pen out of my apron and looked at the annoying brunette.

"Chaz," the brunette said, (as if I wanted to know his name), "And I'd like a piece of you." I rolled my eyes and turned toward the boy next to him. 

"Hi, I'm Ryan!" he exclaimed. He was thin, but with muscular arms, and he had blonde, flipped out hair. "I'll have the tamale combo." I nodded and scribbled his order on the paper.

"Christian," a voice said. He looked a little younger than the rest of the boys, but didn't seem uncomfortable hanging with them. "Can I get the enchiladas?" Once again I copied down the meal.

I looked over at the last guy, but he was staring out the window. I cleared my throat and he turned around. Our eyes met for a brief moment, and then I realized who he was. No wonder he looked familiar, I thought.

"Hey!" I said, "Aren't you-"

The boy made a "shh" sound and put a finger to his lips. He nodded his head towards something out the window. I looked out and saw a group of about twenty girls staring back at me. I assumed they were trying to figure out if the boy in the restaurant was who they thought it was. The windows were slightly tinted, and I didn't think they could tell.

I was still a little sore about "Bangs" rudely yelling from across the restaurant, so I decided to get him back. I waved to the girls outside. A few waved back and I pointed at the boy. Then I put my hands on my cheeks as if I was screaming. This was the confirmation of his identity the mob needed, and I grinned as they began fighting to get inside. The first girl to arrive screamed, "There he is!"  and soon they began pouring inside. 

The shocked looked on his face was priceless and I found myself wishing that I had a camera with me. Maybe I could sell the pictures to a magazine? I thought.

As the screaming fans surrounded him, I walked into the kitchen to hide. I laughed giddily at the fact that I, of all people, had gotten revenge on someone like "Bangs"!

So who do you think "Bangs" is? And why was he so rude to Carmen? Find out on the next episode of "El Bieber Especial" :)

So what do ya'll think? Lemme know by commenting please. Oh and if you figured out who the "mystery boy" is and you don't like him . . . please don't post any mean things (*ahem* katie *ahem*)

Alright . . . well later then :)

~LocoTaco1 (Olivia)

P.S. LocoTaco3 (Elizabeth) might help me write this :)


alright so i fixed the slideshow like 2 seconds after i said it wasn't working lol ;)

now u can see the slideshow at the top of the page so . . . ENJOY :D

~locotaco1 (olivia)

The Loco Taco Blog

alright so the slideshow isnt working (boooo!!!)

i uploaded 2 more pics and it wont show them on the slideshow, it will only show the first pics i uploaded and idk why

if you would like to view all the pics please go to the link below:

hopefully the slideshow will be up and running soon

~locotaco1 (olivia)

Justin Bieber with a turban!!!

LocoTaco3 (Elizabeth)
This is scary! He likes tacos though!

History of a taco!

!LocoTaco3! (a.k.a. ELIZABETH)

The taco. One of the greatest inventions ever to be created on this planet. Except for humans. Humans need to be alive to eat the tacos, but that's not the point. Tacos were made from rainbows, stars, glitter, smiles, happiness and a cow. They can have crispy, crunchy shells or soft, delicate shells. The taco originated in heaven and in the year 00000000001 they came to be on our planet. They came originally disguised as rocks before finally developing into the modern version that is available for purchase at such places as Taco Bell. I hope that you have enjoyed this brief history on... the taco. Thank you.

P.S. It's a cat in a taco costume!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Welcome to the Loco Taco Blog!!!

yay!!! we have a blog now!!!

Peace, Love, and Tacos :)
~LocoTaco1 (aka Olivia)

P.S. come back soon!!!