Behold the Sparkling Taco!!!

Behold the Sparkling Taco!!!

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Usher recently tweeted (along with the above pic): 
UsherRaymondIV Chillin with my boy @justinbieber at his video shoot for Somebody to Love

This Loco Taco is wondering exactly why Usher (a rapper) would call Justin Bieber (a white pop singer) his "boy". I'd understand if Usher called Lil Wayne or T-Pain his "boy", but Justin Bieber??? Not that I have anything against Biebs, but I'm a little confused about this . . . Anyone else wondering the same thing?

Next up . . . Weird News (week of May 9)

In mid-April, senior Iranian cleric Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi issued a warning that recent earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, and elsewhere were caused by women's loose sex and immodest dress. Immediately, Jennifer McCreight responded on Facebook by urging women worldwide to dress provocatively on April 26 to create "boobquake" and test the cleric's theory, and at least 90,000 women promised they would reveal serious cleavage on that date. On April 26, following a several-day drought of earthquakes, a Richter-scale-measuring 6.5 quake hit just south of Taiwan. 

OK wow . . . this really cracked me up :D especially the term "boobquake". I'm guessing this Jennifer McCreight girl was trying to prove Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi wrong. I'm also guessing she didn't think an earthquake would actually happen. Well her plan BACKFIRED . . . That's got to be the most hilarious irony ever!!! So did the boobs do it or is it just a freaky coincidence? What do ya'll think???

And one more thing for today . . . 

In January, the principal of D. Roy Kennedy Public School in Ottawa, Ontario, banned "ball-playing" anywhere on school grounds, declaring that it is too dangerous.

Alright . . . this is just stupid. Exactly how many cases of "death by playground ball" have ever been reported??? Just googled "cases of human death by ball" and the most relevant results came up as "cases of human death by ball python". I clicked on that link which led me to the next ridiculous news story.

This was a question that was posted on Yahoo! Answers.

How many cases of human death have been caused by ball pythons?

I have an almost 3 yr old and a 4.5 ft ball; whom we have raise from a father is convinced that children die everyday by constrictor snakes. I want to prove to him that balls are not the constrictors - of -death he thinks they are. I understand that boas and burmese are usually 7+ft long and 12'' around and can surely kill a grown man...but a 4.5' long, 5 inch round docile ball!!! Can anyone point me to the data I need to show him that; although they are wild animals, they are not always looking to squeeze children to death? Thanks!

And the answer was:

More people die every year from coconuts falling on their heads that from constrictor snakes, and no cases have been reported of ball pythons killing humans by constriction.
A ball python cant even kill a baby, but I would always have someone supervising the baby if it is touching the snake.
Less than 2 people die every year by constrictor snakes, and most of them are by Burmese and reticulated pythons, there are some cases of Boa constrictor killing humans, but the Boas has to be at least 10 feet
(3 meters) long to cause serious injury.

Um . . . does anyone else think that having a snake around a baby is just stupid anyways!?!?

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